Seafood and Music Festivals

Boca Raton Seafood & Music Festival

February 10-11, 2018, Boca Raton, FL

Join us for great food, music arts and crafts and drinks at the Boca Raton Seafood & Music Festival in Mizner Park Amphitheater on February 10-11, 2018.  Hours are TBD.


The event is a unique blending of food, music and visual entertainment affording attendees a potpourri of delectable seafood creations and delicious drinks prepared by the top restaurants in Boca Raton. Combined with the mouth-watering foods will be outstanding musical performances by local and regional musicians in a diversity of genres and music of various flavors: rock, jazz, steel pan, Caribbean, R&B and more. A small marketplace of crafts and fine products also is an ingredient.  


Closer to the event you will find listed below the participating restaurants and food vendors, also the list of musicians and their performance times.  


Grab your family and friends and come join us to enjoy the day or the weekend.  Great food, great music in the Mizner Park Amphitheater in beautiful downtown Boca Raton.  General admission is FREE!

February 10-11, 2018
General admission is FREE.

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